Un post (en anglais) « Please don’t turn me into a zombie frog » qui me fait beaucoup plaisir car il parle d’une séance pratiquée.

Que du plaisir. J’aime ce boulot. J’aime travailler avec l’ « autre ».

A friend of mine learned how to hypnotize. He followed training and workshops and shows the passion needed to take the matter seriously. I highly encourage anyone who has the guts and drive to live their dreams; however unexpected or unconventional the path you choose, if it’s what makes your heart beat stronger, please go for it.

We all have our demons and dark sides that prevent us of being at our best every moment of every day. We cannot even always explain why we react in a certain way. I sure have those days, I’d like to change my lines, if only I could take another shot of the scene. But I do believe we can re-write our inner programs, re-route our thinking patterns through more efficient paths. I’d love to act instead of react and have the best part of me in charge, always. But hypnosis is not magic: no bunnies disappearing in thin air, and no ragged up cloths transforming into a wonderful dress. I didn’t come out of the experience like a completely upgraded version of myself; but neither did I turn into a zombie frog. Reality just shifted a little, and that’s encouraging enough.Came the moment, my friend asked for volunteers to practice upon. Of course, I put myself on his list of practice material; that’s what friends are for. And secretly, I was quite intrigued by the subject, not withstanding some skeptical thoughts upon the techniques and the benefits hypnotherapy might offer. Maybe he should have started with hypnotizing me out of the blue and wiping away those doubtful ideas. Instead, he patiently waited for me to become so curious, I nearly begged to use his little ‘magic trick’, so I may also experience the effects of hypnosis.

Almost six months passed between the day I volunteered and the first hypnosis-session. That’s the time I needed to become more familiar with the subject, and to fully trust my hypnotist. You might think the hypnotist being a friend, would ease the whole experiment: wrong. I love my friends, and I have faith in their competences, but handing over my mind and most inner thoughts to one of them was something completely different. I did say yes, wouldn’t come back on my word, but totally felt like a guinea pig.

Six months hadn’t be enough to learn the true nature of hypnosis. It’s not like handing over the keys of the castle and let some stranger wander around, while you take a nap. It’s more like being invited to a waltz: my dance partner, the hypnotist, led the dance and gave direction, gently, with elegance; I followed his step, just because it felt right. At any time, I could have stepped out, or resist the path offered to me. But if I did so, the dance ended, which was not what I wanted. The hypnotist cannot force you to follow his lead. But when you willingly do, you can get sucked up into the moment and experience something much deeper than wildly stamping around in your own mind.

The first session felt a bit messy: I felt like stumbling a lot, and had to bring back my mind a few times to concentrate on the hypnotist’s suggestions. Between the giggling little voice that didn’t feel ‘anything special was happening’ and a five-years old brat who thought, it could be heard at last, I wonder how the hypnotist eventually reached the unconscious part of me. But he did. I could tell the session had been successful, when I noticed that tiny changed thinking pattern during the days after, for that specific point we had been working on.
What started as a service to a friend, will now be continued for my own sake. I’ll ask to be hypnotized again; this time with well prepared, crystal clear objectives of which habit I want to change. I’ll push the experiment a little further, comparing different techniques (hypnosis, meditation, pure will power, …) that I’ll use to tackle little objectives of the same level, and see which one brings the best effort to outcome ratio.

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